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Vinarija Aleksandrovic is famously known as the Royal Cellar to the former Yugoslav Kings, Peter I & Aleksandar I Karadjordjevic. Their Royal Highnesses were integral to spreading the word of these exquisite wines from the Oplenac Hills, in Topola, Serbia. The Aleksandrovic Family, founding members of the Vencac Winemaking Cooperative, have continued the tradition of the royal cellars into the twenty-first century. In 1992, Zivan Tadic, a former Royal Cellar Master, who emigrated to Canada during WWII, heard that the Aleksandrovic Family had continued the legacy of the Oplenac wines - he sent the famous original recipe of the Trijumf wines (originally enjoyed prior to WWII at the Royal Court), to Vinca - which the Aleksandrovic Winery has preserved today.

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